UVa CHARGE Program

U.Va. CHARGE Goals

U.Va. CHARGE proposes an ambitious set of goals to help meet the institutional transformation goals over the next five years. It is acknowldeged that this work will be neither simple nor easy. It will require vision, pragmatic and effective programs and activities, attention to both quantitative data and qualitative experiences, and strategically distributed resources. It will need to encourage creative problem-solving and address multifaceted cultural issues and competing priorities, for which there are no quick solutions. Ultimately, long-term solutions will require our entire community to commit to open dialogue about how U.Va. can become a model of new educational strategies and a source of visionary, public-spirited leaders, bothAdvance @UVa Initiatives female and male, for the twenty-first century.

Goal 1: Departmental Diversity

Goal 2: Recruitment

Goal 3: Tournament of Ideas

Goal 4: Enhancement Funds

Goal 5: Voices and Visibility


Link to full NSF ADVANCE proposal





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This is an ambitious effort that will require the assistance of many! If you are interested in getting involved, we welcome your participation. Please send an email to the team at uvacharge@virginia.edu. Feedback and suggestions are also welcome.

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