Senator Warner Visits UVA MAE Labs

UVA MAE was proud to host U.S. Senator Mark Warner on Friday, September 9. Senator Warner and his staff toured the Rapid Prototyping Lab, where Warner learned about David Sheffler’s work with the Applied Research Institute on unmanned aerial systems for national defense applications. Warner also visited Hilary Bart-Smith’s bio-inspired swimming lab, where ongoing research is advancing the development of autonomous underwater vehicles, as well as the Flow Simulation lab, where Haibo Dong and his team study the aerodynamics of dragonflies and hummingbirds in order to answer questions about micro-air vehicles.

Senator Warner was highly engaged in the presentations. He told members of the media who attended that he believes the area of unmanned systems could be as transformative to society as wireless was, and that the technology he saw in development at UVA Engineering will lead the way.

Congratulations to professors Hilary Bart-Smith and Pam Norris for organizing this opportunity, and to Haibo Dong, David Sheffler, and Eric Loth, as well as Rob Jones and Joan Bienvenue of the UVA Applied Research Institute, for facilitating the presentations.

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