Graduate Research Positions

The following labs have openings in for Graduate positions.  Please follow the link  for the individual lab Web sites and use the contact information there in order to get more details about available positions.

  • The Center for Applied Biomechanics (CAB) accepts new Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students each fall, and sometimes in the spring.  If you are interested, please view current research and open positions on CAB’s website here.
  • Combustion Energy Lab
  • Rotating Machinery and Controls (ROMAC) Lab has openings in the areas of:
    • Fluid flows in turbomachinery applications, such as seals and bearings
    • Rotor dynamics
  •  Nuclear Non-proliferation and Safeguards (Please use ROMAC contact info; US citizenship required) has openings in the areas of:
    • Modeling internal flows and isotope transport in gas centrifuges
    • Modeling uranium enrichment cascades
  • Loth Research Lab has openings for 4 Graduate Research Assistants for Summer/Fall 2014 in the areas of:
    • Morphing wind turbines (ARPA-E)
    • Inlet particle separators (Rolls-Royce)