• Bio-inspired Engineering
    With a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative award from the Department of Defense, Associate Professor Hilary Bart-Smith is investigating the fundamental issues needed to develop undersea vessels that move with the effortless agility and precision of manta rays.
  • New Patented Manufacturing Technology for Carbon-Fiber Composites
    A project led by Professor Hossein Haj-Hariri resulted in the development of a carbon-fiber tape laying machine. This patented technology has been incorporated into the manufacturing of mostly carbon-composite jet engine which is claimed could dramatically cut the amount of fuel used by airlines. The amount of time to manufacture fan blades has been reduced from weeks to several hours.
  • Deadliest Crash: UVa Takes Hard Look at Rollovers
    Researchers at the Center for Applied Biomechanics are developing a dynamic rollover crash test and improving crash dummies in an effort to improve on current approaches to rollover safety ratings.
  • UVa Aero Alum Takes Off
    Brie Hudson, a U.Va. Aeropace graduate, is now an exchange officer with the British Royal Air Force and is flying RAF Tornadoes. This photo was taken by a civilian on the ground during one of her low-altitude missions.
  • Fabricating Superoleophobic Coatings
    A team from the University of Virginia fabricated the first superoleophobic coatings by spray-casting nano-particle/polymer suspensions. The coatings can be applied to large and/or flexible substrates with ease and are being investigated for their use in wind turbine blades to help prevent fouling and icing and in energy systems to promote heat transfer in multiphase flows.
  • UVa Hoo’s Flying Team
    UVa captures many top awards in aerospace competitions. Competitions are sponsored by leading tech firms and government sponsors such as Lockheed Martin and NASA. Here the Hoo's Team is winning 2nd place at the highly competitive 2013 SAE Aero Design East Competition